Review from beauty blogger Cassandra Myee NZ Beauty Blog,

“I love a good scrub and this one doesn’t disappoint. I would say for sensitive skins that this might be a bit harsh, but for other skin types it should be really lovely. I like to use this at least three times a week to give my skin a deep cleanse, and it’s packed with micro scrubbing particles in it to get deep into pores. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling excessively dried out after using, but instead deeply cleansed and soft.”

Review from beautyreviewnz on our Lavender & Peppermint Foot Balm

“……Soultime foot balm arrived, it opened up a whole new regime for me. From the moment I saw the product, I loved it. I loved the simple and organic packaging and when I opened it, the smell was divine. The scent reminded me of this spa I visited once in the hinterlands of the goldcoast and instantly brought back memories of pampering and wellness. I used the product the day it arrived, after a bath and before bed…what a wonderful way to relax, unwind and treat yourself to some ‘you’ time. As I massaged the balm into my feet and inhaled the aromatic oils, I instantly felt calmer. The balm left my feet feeling softened, scented and pampered and I was surprised the next day my feet still felt moisturised.”

Another review from Larrisa, makeup Artist and blogger

“Wow, in addition to a relaxing soak the body cream, facial moisturiser and serum collectively worked much more than just surface deep. These products helped my soul, and I understand the meaning of your brand. When ever I have felt emotional, in need of some TLC I have turned to your products. Almost instantly the natural oils calm me and bring me back to the present when I am overwhelmed.   I’m backing your products 100%.”

Check out  Seb is a freelance makeup artist and blogger who featured our products on her blog.

“Through the New Zealand Gardener Magazine, I was lucky enough to win a bottle of your Soultime Rose and Camellia serum, I just wish to thank you very much, I haven’t used a lot of it yet but I have felt a nice soft after feel on my skin, also beautifully packaged.
Thank you so much again …………………………… JILL”

Jill Powell, Competition Winner

I’m a butcher and I love fishing, so my hands get pretty knocked about. Meg’s hand cream does the job the best, its bloody beautiful!

Bob Bradshaw, Butcher

Great idea, great products and a lovely lady. I had an awesome time making soaps, etc… Very knowledgeable teacher. So simple now I know how! An inspiration! Thank you Meg!

Amanda Alderston

I love the new serum and moisturiser, it’s so light, my skin feels and looks so much better! I’m sure the lines aren’t so obvious!

Cheryl Bone, Hairdresser

Hi Meg – I’m loving the serum and moisturiser combo – the fragrance is beautiful and makes the skin so soft, feels great. Great development, well done.

Annemarie Stansfield, Retail manager

Hi Meg

I wanted to thank you so much for the eczema skin cream you made for me. When I received I was having a huge flare up, the cream has helped heaps. I have noticed that if I stop using it for a day or two my eczema comes back, so I use it every day for maintenance. The oil blends you made for me are outstanding! Again, thank you, you are an angel!

Yvette Harlos, Gulf Harbour, Whangaparoa


Soultime Skin Care Classes

Dear Meg

Thank you so much for the workshop last Saturday.  I so enjoyed learning to make the natural skin care products as well as the lovely morning tea and lunch you prepared for us.

Michelle Rae, Whangaparoa

For me being chemical-free, premium quality along with excellent value for money ‘Soultime’ products are now all I use.

My skin feels and looks better…………………. along with my Bank balance! My sensitive skin loves the hydration and rapid absorbsion of the products along with the delicate aroma of the essential oils that, ‘feed my soul’. Soultime has a triple bonus, no nasty chemicals, fabulous products and great affordable pricing. That is without the New Zealand made!

The range and array of products is staggering and exciting to try. I was using the fabulous foot balm, having just shaved my legs I rubbed product on my legs and immediately loved the soothing feel; I now put it on my legs also after shaving. Another favourite of mine is the divine Lemon and Honey Hand Polish. The products smell so yummy you want to eat them, but best of all….  you can!

I strongly recommend anyone give these beautiful products a try, I know you won’t be disappointed.

Anne-Marie Stansfield, Fashion House Retail Manager

I have been using Soultime products for over 2 months now and I absolutely LOVE them! For my face the combination of the Neroli and Rosewater Toner along with the Rejuvenating Moisturiser makes my skin lovely and soft as well as leaving it feeling refreshed and hydrated. I have suffered in the past from bad breakouts and since using these products have not had these same problems. I also adore the Vanilla and Orange Body Cream – it smells so yummy you could eat it!!

Dr R. Smith, BVSc

“I have had Eczema since childhood, and have used & tried many products over the years for  dry skin. Most products actually inflame the problem with the artificial  ingredients used in them. So finally I have found a product, made especially for me by Soutime Skin Care, a cream, which soothes my dry skin, no itching, or inflammation. And lasts all day.  I am totally sold … Fabulous…:)

Christine Rattray, Customer Services Manager 

“I’ve recently started to use Soultime products and I’m enjoying them because they are light, natural and fresh. I also love the fragrances of each product.”

Gilly Chater

Speaker, Facilitator, Coach,  Author

NSANZ Inspirational Speaker of the Year 2012

“The Soultime face creams, cleanser, moisturiser, lip balm I keep on the boat as I find they are perfect for keeping the old face and lips well cleansed & moisturised.  Perfect for the outdoor conditions.  Also the hand polish this is a great hand, night time rejuvenation.”

Jin Girvan, Sales Manager Styker 

“I have been using Soultime’s Foot Balm with pleasing results!  I initially applied the balm at bedtime, putting on ‘sleep socks’ to increase the absorption of the product overnight.  Firstly, the fragrance of the balm is uplifting, and the consistency, not too oily.  My socks slipped off during the night, but I’m pleased to say, the balm was so easily absorbed, my bed sheets were fine!

Only two or three evenings after using the balm, there was a significant improvement in the skin on my tootsies!  Now, a couple of weeks on, I am totally sold on this product and I highly recommend it! For silky feet that smell heavenly too, this balm’s the one! 

Mrs Natasha Taylor, Sales Manager

Hi Meg

Just wanted to day that your sleep balm is just working wonders and enabling me to sleep through the night with no early morning wake-up, hence allowing me to feel very refreshed in the morning.

I have been suffering insomnia for many months now and find that I lay awake from around 2.00am in the morning for a couple of hours (sometimes even just to get up to watch TV, why keep just laying there!), I struggle to just shut my mind down, but now having the sleep balm before going to sleep and if by chance I do wake up (only happened once so far over the last two weeks) I just put some more balm on my temples and within a couple of minutes I am back in dreamland, amazing! Thank you so much the best $18.00 I have ever spent!

Kind regards
Sarah Bonkovich, Key Account Manager, PIL New Zealand

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